Photoshop Image Editing Service

Image editing service has become a necessity today as everyone is opening their own online store and the competition has never been greater. While the ecommerce business giants are trying to hold their place on the top, many small businesses are finding it hard to grow their brand either because of lack of experience or their website is just not eye catching and professional looking. A key feature to making your ecommerce website looking professional is to have high quality product images that will attract the customers. It doesn’t matter how well build your website is, if your product photos are bad quality then it is highly possible that the consumers will leave your site without buying anything. Its ok, do not be afraid as we at CPH IT Solution are here to help you with your image editing needs. We at CPH IT Solution provide any and every service related to image editing to satisfy your needs and help you grow your brand online.

What is Photoshop Image Editing Service?

Image editing service is an online photo editing service that many companies provide nowadays. Every photographer today is aware of the flawless look that is necessary for a photograph to near perfect. An image almost never comes out perfect when shot. It has to be retouched or edited to reach perfection. Editing is a key feature when it comes to photography. You can have a perfectly captured image and ruin it completely during post production. On the other hand you can have a mediocre photo that you can make extraordinary after post production. It can be a hassle editing thousands of photos during post production. That’s why CPH IT Solution is here to help all those photographers who have a tight schedule and need professional quality photo editing service. Our team of expert graphic designers use the latest software and have years of skill and know how to edit your photos. We provide a number of services like-

Image Retouching Service

Here expert graphic designers retouch high resolution images of a specific model or an ecommerce product. Retouching is done for example- spot removal, model face and skin retouching, adjusting light and color etc. Some times retouching the model shape to look more attractive. In case of ecommerce products adjusting the color, making it look more natural and eye catching is done on image retouching service.

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is one of the alternates to clipping path service as this service is used only when the subject is very furry or has hair and clipping out the figure would be far more difficult and time consuming. So, to remove the object from the photo or to clip out the object from the photo image masking service is used. Photoshop image hair alpha layer masking service is one of the popular names people know image masking service as.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is the process of removing an object from a photo by creating a clipped-out path and removing the background. There are different types of clipping path service for example- simple, medium, complex and lastly super complex clipping path service. Each type has been classified by terms of how difficult it is to clip out the object in the photo. A simple object would take typically 3 to 5 minutes for an expert graphic designer to clip out where as a complex object would take around 30 to an hour to clip out.

Image Ghost Mannequin Removal and Neck Joint Service

Ghost mannequin removal and neck joint service falls under the image manipulation category as here the graphic design specialist removes the product from the mannequin and then joins the neck of the product to create a ghostly figure that is supposed to imitate a person when he/she wears that product. It is a fairly skilled process that not everyone is capable of doing

Image Background Removal Service

Image background removal service is when object in the image needs to be removed from the image and placed on a white background or a translucent background that is known as image background removal service. This service is typically used by ecommerce product sellers to showcase their products to the customer to make it look more eye catching.

Image Color Correction Service

Image color correction service is the process of color correcting an image object or a product and creating similar photos with same photo but in multiple color. Ecommerce businesses use this service to showcase their products in different colors. Some retouch is done after color correcting as it has to look natural to the customer.

Ecommerce Image Optimization Service

Any image on the internet needs to be website ready or properly optimized and cropped for website as too high-quality pictures can actually slow down a website and lower the performance of a website. So, finding the perfect balance between quality and optimization of a photo is an important part of an online business website. For example- there are some online selling websites that only allow you to add photos with specific resolution, size and ratio.

Why is image Editing Service Important for your Business?

The harsh truth about any ecommerce website is that if your photos are dull and not eye catching then it won’t matter if your photos are high quality or not, people just won’t buy your products. It is highly necessary to edit your photos and optimizing them before uploading to your ecommerce website. The most common and significant aspect of ecommerce marketing is having quality product photos. Image editing service plays a significant role in making the photo of your product for ecommerce website engaging to the consumers. Having good quality image on your website make your website look more professional and it attracts customers and it somewhat helps with your ranking on Google. So Its highly important for your business that you use image editing service. CPH IT Solution is here for all you entrepreneurs and business owners that are in need of photo editing services. Our expert team will provide you with the best quality image editing service that will help you build your brand online. Our experts can work with any photo format given to them-JPEG, PNG, RAW, etc. The main reasons why you need image editing services for your business-

Who needs image Editing Service?

In a nutshell the answer to that question is- anyone who has a job in photography and anyone who owns an online business store needs image editing service. Today there are so many variety of photographers working on so many different niches like- wedding photographer, macro photographer, street photographer, autopsy photographer, car photographer and so many more. These photographers are often time busy with their schedule and cannot edit their photos personally because of work load. Then there are the business owners who have thousands of unedited product photographs that they just do not have the time to edit personally. We at CPH IT Solution are here with your solution. Our company provides the most affordable prices for any photo editing services. Our expert team very skillfully edits your photos and gives you a 100% satisfactory end result. To us the customer is always right and we can fix any issue if the customer requests it. We can retouch thousands of images in the shortest time and at a very affordable price range that you will be happy with. Small or large any quantity of images provided to us we will edit it and deliver on time. We are almost never late on delivery.

What are we delivering?

CPH IT Solution is one of the best images editing service provider in Bangladesh. Our team of expert graphic designers is dedicated at their job and is very enthusiastic to work with your company. Our team works 24/7 in shifts to give you the best Quality image editing services that is satisfactory to you. Our main goal is to create a professional bond with our clients by providing them with the best image editing services. Our tagline is that the customer’s needs always come first. Our image editing services include-

Our company also provides 24/7 customer service for any questions and requests related to image editing services. Our services are very price efficient and the results are 100% satisfactory to our clients. We have previously worked with clients from other countries like- USA, Canada, England and more.